A Commitment to Excellence

We offer a wide-range of primary and preventive health care services for people of all ages.

Care that fits your needs

Adult & Geriatric

Preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in adults to improve quality of life.

Pediatric & Adolescent

Supporting the healthy growth and development of newborns to adolescents.

X-Ray & Laboratory

Diagnostic medical imaging and clinical tests to obtain information about the health of a patient.


Collaborating with our Pharmacy staff to provide medication use support and clinical services.

Minor Procedures

Performing minor procedures such as mole removals, joint injections, and more.

Acute Care

Treating acute illnesses, minor laceration repair, and other minor injuries.

Behavioral Health Care

Treating patients’ physical and emotional well-being by our behavioral health professionals.


Using technology to provide medical consults and behavioral health counseling services.