Maikaʻi health community clinic

Our Scope of Services:

  • Adult and Geriatric Care

    Preventing and treating diseases and disabilities

    in adults to improve quality of life.

  • Pediatric & Adolescent Care

    Supporting the healthy growth and development

    of newborns to adolescents.

  • X-Ray & Laboratory

    Diagnostic medical imaging and clinical tests to

    obtain information about the health of a patient.

  • Pharmacy

    Collaborating with our Pharmacy staff to provide

    medication use support and clinical services.

  • Minor Procedure

    Performing minor procedures such as mole

    removals, joint injections, and more.

  • Acute Care

    Treating acute illnesses, minor laceration repair,

    and other minor injuries.

  • Behavioral Health Counseling

    Treating patients’ physical and emotional wellbeing

    by our behavioral health professionals.

    For emergency crisis assistance please contact

    Hawaii CARES at 1-800-753-6879.


  • Using technology to provide medical consults

    and behavioral health counseling services.

  • Medication Assisted Treatment: Substance Misuse and Addiction

    (*service addition in late 2022)

    Overcoming addiction through counseling, medication

    assisted treatment, and care management.

Accepting New Patients

Located in the Ka Waena Lapaʻau building on the corner of Ponahawai Street and Komohana Street.


670 Ponahawai St
Suite 206
Hilo, HI 96720

Clinic Hours

  • Monday through Thursday
  • 7am – 6pm

Our normal business hours will be Monday through Friday but we are temporarily closed on Fridays until we can grow our staff. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Helping to Address Hawaii’s Health Needs & Problems

Maikaʻi Health provides a spectrum of integrated services that helps to address the health care disparities and provider shortages present in East Hawaiʻi.

Access to Care

More healthcare practices providing a wide range of health services for all, but most especially for the underserved and socioeconomically challenged East Hawaiʻi residents.

Healthcare Professionals

Expanded partnership with the University of Hawaiʻi (UH) and other residency programs to promote locally trained provisionals – medical, mental health, pharmacy, and administration.

Provider Shortages

East Hawaiʻi experiences chronic shortages of medical and dental providers. The entire island is a federally designated medically underserved area/ population and Health Professional Shortage Area.

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