Pilina Care Program

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Our Pilina Care CCM program is an innovative partnership between our clinic and KTA Pharmacy, a community-based pharmacy. KTA Pharmacy works closely with our providers and pharmacy staff to ensure seamless care coordination of Pilina Care CCM patients. The program provides end-to-end treatment strategies in a collaborative care model, which includes primary medical and mental health care, integrated pharmacy, and remote monitoring.

The Pilina Care program allows each organization to share resources and expertise, thereby:

  • Expanding access and faster time to critical intervention as Pilina Care CCM patients will have access to health care and support services in-clinic, outside of an office visit.
  • Improving patient engagement due to the high level of patient/care team interaction from month to month.

Our Pilina Care CCM program currently focuses on the following chronic conditions:

  • Diabetes 
  • Hypertension
  • Hyperlipidemia

As the program grows, we will add other chronic conditions such as asthma, COPD, depression, kidney disease. Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and more.

Outreach Clinic

Our Pilina Care Outreach Clinic offers the following services in various locations and events throughout East Hawaii.

  • Health and wellness information and education
  • Blood pressure screening
  • COVID-19, Monkeypox and flu vacations
  • Among other health screenings and tools

We also plan to grow our Outreach Clinic in 2023 to better meet the health care needs of our more rural communities. Most Outreach Clinics will bundle health education with certain medical services, workshops, and trainings. In addition to health education, we will offer vaccinations (Hepatitis A, A/B, COVID-19, etc.) wound care, and screenings for blood pressure, hepatitis, diabetes, Influenza, among others. We will also host trainings, including Mental Health First Aid tools, wound self-care and when to seek help, among others.

Contact us to find out more about becoming a Pilina Care CCM patient or our Outreach Clinic schedule.

The Pilina Care Program is supported by:

  • AstraZeneca’s ACT on #HealthEquity Community Solutions Challenge
  • Hawaii Community Foundation, Atherton Family Foundation
  • Hawaii Community Foundation, East Hawai’i Fund